Almost there with alternate Z270-K build but hit graphics issues

Hi Everyone,

Hoping someone can help me here. I am installing Catalina on my Asus Z270-K using the vanilla method. I have built the installer and I can get Catalina to install to the point where it reboots and should start the user configuration. It doesn't however get that far and just either reboots or presents me with a black screen with a purple shaded mouse for a few seconds and then reboots. If I specify the -X switch as well I get a light green screen and a mouse for a few seconds.

I had problems with the Intel HD630 even getting that far so I used the -disablegfxfirmware switch which has gotten rid of the ME hashing errors that caused the first premature reboot.

Hardware is Asus Prime Z270-K (HD 630 graphics) with professional overclock to 4.5 GHz but been stable for years, 1 * 512 GB Crucial NVMe drive (CT Range) and 64 GB Corsair RAM

My vanilla setup incorporates the bone dry kaby lake config.plist from the vanilla guide, no changes, at all. The following kexts are included (just to get the thing installed).






I was able to run through the installer without an issue, it just appears to be a first boot issue and something to do with Intel HD630 I suspect the last paragraph on the Kaby Lake plist page about injecting IDs into the boot options. However can I do that from the config options on the clover boot, in a similar way I disable the graphics firmware?

I am learning but its an uphill battle :D

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