semi success X58 Catalina + OpenCore/Duet

To Begin i'm mostly making this post because i havent seen anyone else using old(now fully unsupported hardware on 10.15 yet, (especially using Opencore on a bios system) anyhow this is my first time fussing around with opencore, my first opinion is that it works better then clover(if you can fully set it up), BUT the level of info for it is severally lacking(especially for none bios systems, and doubly so for anything older then haswell) and it is way less user friendly then clover, main benefit is how easily macos boot under it and how well gpus seem to work as well(never been able to get more then 1 port working with the 480 on clover)

Spec List

  • Motherboard ASUS p6x58-e ws
  • CPU w3680
  • Memory 24GBs(6x4GB)
  • GPU RX 480


  • USB 2.0
  • Firewire(afaik, it shows in ioreg so should work)
  • Dual 1Gig Ethernet(needed kext)
  • GPU(all outputs)
  • HDMI/DP audio

Not Working

  • Sleep(no clue how to fix)
  • restart/shutdown(hangs after logout and doesnt restart/turnoff, honestly a good thing, see below issue)
  • Front/Back audio(ALC889(no clue how to fix))
  • USB 3.0(haven't tried fixing it yet)
  • native nvram(it has it, not sure if it can be used though since its bios based, booted though Duet, and MY motherboard has some issue seen below)

Installation issues

  • Installation defaults to Russian(no freaking clue, anyhow easily fixed by fumbling around to find for the language select menu)
  • Decided to just shut down on me a few times but chop that up to hitting the wrong menu when it was in Russian

Motherboard Issues(Mostly Irrelevant to macos, but thought i would share)

  • Ignores boot order preferences and boots in order of sata ports( why? dont ask me, it doesn't make sense to me either)
  • Certain sata ports are provided by chipset and not valid as a boot device
  • motherboard refuses to boot if fully shut of or restarted in ANY OS unless completely removed from power for a few mins(can still be restarted with hardware reset switch fine, im nearly sure its just my motherboard but its weird as hell(not a cmos battery issue, PSUs good, all memory channels and sticks have been checked) all i got is maybe a bad bios chip,bad nvram or bad capacitor, everythign looks fine though so no clue)
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