Fan Control Issues on Mojave

I have an ASUS Z370E Motherboard and I am having a hard time getting the Chasis/Case Fans (NXZT 3 Pins) to operate as they should. I can boot up in Windows and they work fine, and I can adjust the speed in the Ai 3 Suite. However, when I boot in Mojave only the Top Case Fan spins at like 1300rpm. I have the correct setting in the bios (did a ton of research) and tried switching from Silent to Turbo, but it just isn’t carrying over to my Hackintosh boot. Weirdly enough, it won’t let me click apply in the bios when tuning using QFan (not sure If that’s normal). I would really like to keep the fans quiet as I’m not doing a heavy load, but want them to crank up speed when they are supposed to.

Am I missing a kext or something? This is driving me mad. Great community!!!! 🙏

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