Dad updated his Hackintosh please help get it going again

Built a Hackintosh last year around this time and it worked great until someone did an update.....


Z370M DS3H Motherboard

Samsung 950 PRO 256gb


2x8GB 3200MHZ DDR4



VT-D Disabled

Serial/Parallel Port Disabled

Above 4G Decode Enabled

XHCI Handoff Enabled

I made the installer vanilla from a 2012 MacBook Pro

OS is Mojave

Install went fine but when trying to BOOT i'm getting

"a from ME never returned status = 1 doing retry and it retries 50 times"

then it says :start graphics engine send host --> gfx firmware message when the firmware channel is not active!

send wait-for-idle request to firmware.

it will print APPLEACPICPU every 240s

It hangs for a very very long time and I get a pink screen that shows an apple logo but it never progresses anywhere.

I followed the vanilla guide and used their config.plist

link to kexts

link to config

I apologize if this is lacking info. I tried to think of everything that would be needed. I'd really like to get this running for him again

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