Why Hackintosh when you can run a VM?

In the process of researching Hackintosh's, I came across the concept of Virtualisation (Virtual Machines). It's basically like running Parallels desktop, but instead of running it on a Mac to allow you to use Windows, you run Mac OS on your windows PC.

For anyone not familiar with the concept, this is what I'm talking about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATnpEOo3GJA

So I've got to ask... why would you build a Hackintosh if this is an option? I realise there's a few % of performance loss, BUT you aren't limited in component choice. No more AMD GPU's. You can put an Nvidia 2080ti in there, as well as a Ryzen CPU, and it will work.

So what are the downsides? Because it seems like a really viable option right now.

Is it tremendously "techy" to do (something I am not - even Hackintoshes scare me right now).

Are there reliability issues?

Also, is there any software like Parallels desktop, but for running Mac OS on a PC? Something off the shelf, that works well, and is reliable?

If not, are there IT guys I could get to help me set up a system, and keep it running (and preferably teach me to do most of my own work on it).

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