Q: Anyone have Fan Speeds in HWMonitor or iStat Menus working?

Have a very stable build at the moment but one thing that I haven’t been able to get working is monitoring my fan speed in HWMonitor or iStat.

Currently have all fakeSMC sensor kexts installed and do see most of my vitals, but fan speed isn’t one of them. CPU temp, GPU die, Disk info, etc are all working.

Asus z390-a Prime i7 8700k Sapphire RX 580 Pulse

Was wondering if anyone has come across this and what they did to remedy it. I’ve read mixed reviews that using virtualSMC instead of fakeSMC may fix my issue.

I don’t want to start replacing a bunch of kexts without knowing for sure if that solves the problem though. So if anyone has any experience with this I would greatly appreciate any insight.

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