I got a free Shuttle SH67H3—any point in Hackintosh build?

Hey everyone! I recently got a free Shuttle XPC SH67H3. It's a bit old, but it works well for Linux right now. I was wondering if there's any point in trying to set it up as a Hackintosh with Mojave?

It has an i7-3770k @ 3.6ghz, Intel H67 chipset (with 3000 series iGPU), and I'll upgrade it to an SSD and probably 24gb of RAM. I've got a TP-LINK USB wifi dongle which supports macOS and Linux, and it's got a built-in DVD drive, lots of USB ports, and a bunch of other stuff that Macs don't really come with anymore.

It's kind of limited in terms of GPUs it can take: http://global.shuttle.com/news/productsSupportList?productId=1477 , and though I searched around, I couldn't quite figure out if any those cards would be decent and be able to support Mojave. Would you recommend any of those cards listed? Also, this is a dumb question, but if the card is listed as specifically "NVIDIA GTX780", does that mean I have to find an NVIDIA-branded one?

Thanks for the help!

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