What is usb ownership?


I just successfully built my hackintosh day before yesterday and last night due to a powercut my pc turned off and would not turn on today my pc started working again after resting cmos but now my hackintosh was stuck on just the start of white line. Then I booted again in verbose mode and it was stuck on usblegacy something which I google and recieved the solution to enable usb ownership which I enabled and pc booted successfully but now I have a few problems and I don't know if its related to it or not :

  1. My pc was booting successfully before powercut without usb ownership but why do I have to use it now?
  2. Internet on safari is not working lan is connected showing up in settings with green icon.
  3. Google chrome quit unexpectedly everytime, reinstalled but still not working.

4. And where is usb ownership in clover configurator? I enabled it in bootloader but not able to find it in configurator. Found it.

Thank you

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