[OC - 10.15 - HW] About many things going on here...

New hardware, who dis?

There have been a lot of people here with new hardware and devices. And as we all like new toys, if you want to get help getting your device up and running, you should at lease do a minimum of effort in providing information and searching instead of going the short way and making a new post.

So from now on:

  1. Any post with a laptop/prebuilt/desktop without a spec sheet (not a link, give the specs that you have on your hands, read the FAQ to know how to get them) will be promptly removed until it's properly updated. Dont be like this https://imgur.com/a/YXeoYoK (thanks to /u/Darren_Pan for the meme, I love it)
  2. Any questions about "COMPATIBILITY" will be removed, as the FAQ already covers tons of hardware, you just have to know yours and see what matches and what doesn't. (Exceptions can be made if it's some exotic hardware, but that has yet to be seen)
  3. Posts/comments/messages with "post efi pl0x" will be removed. We love to share information, but we do not like to share laziness and "ezh4k xdd", if you're sharing your EFI, share HOW YOU DID IT, and if there are any special file (say like custom SSDTs, DSDTs are a no btw), you can share it with the instructions on how to use it.
  4. This subreddit is NOT your hotline for quick help, this is a place to share information and ask for help when you really tried, not "how to install mac on this pc pls help". The links for the guides are in the sidebar and the FAQ.

Concerning macOS Catalina (10.15) and OpenCore.

These are new software, too new in fact and still in very early stages of production, so from now on:

  1. Posts about macOS 10.15 will only be about Information, Success setups, and small guides on what to change (NOT full guides, because 10.15 will transform drastically during its development, and so that means that your trick today may not work tomorrow) and possible fixes if any. Explanations are needed, we will not accept "well idk how but it worked for me like that". Computers are fickle. Just because something happened a certain way for you doesn’t mean it happened the same way for someone else. \ wise words from the Discord Rules.)
  2. Posts asking about how to install 10.15 will be removed. This is a new OS release, if you're not comfortable with the earlier releases yet, you will certainly not be at ease here, and if you don't know what you're doing, you're doing it wrong anyways.
  3. Posts about OC should be of an informative trait, asking for help with OC at this point is quite impossible, because OC is literally being updated every. fucking. day. with new additions and fixes, which makes anything done before obsolete and potentially broken.

That's it for now, and I think this should be taken as a guideline for new macOS releases and also when you get a new toy to play with.

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