Upgrade advice

So I built a machine for a client a few years back and it's time to upgrade. The machine is used for video editing and rendering as well as some 3d modeling, but can't keep up with the current work flow of multiple layers of video or 4k edits.

Current specs: 4790k Gigabyte ud7 th 32gb ram Samsung 850evo Sata ssd Titan x(maxwell)

What I'm wondering is if it's worth it to basically build a new machine with something like an 8700k, ddr4, nvme ssd and gtx 1080ti or two, or do something like just a gpu upgrade to save some money.

I'm not in the graphic field so I don't know what the program benefit from more - CPU, gpu, ram, ssd, etc... Any advice would be great.

Budget would be around $2000 and we're talking about working in the Adobe suite on high sierra.

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