Oh lordy so many plus signs

So this is where I'm at for the most part.


That's with a sierra installer.

Hardware is as follows.

Asus K401lb i7 5500u HD5500 + 940m 500gb EVO SSD 8 gigo's of ram

Running clover, smbios configured to macbook air 7,2. Kexts are as follows.

Apple ALC FakeSMC Lilu Realktek 8111 USBijnectall voodoops2 whatevergreen

Gotapfsdriverloader, aptiomemoryfix, and hfsplus in my drivers64eufi

Bios settings are vt-d off, safe boot off, and changing (can't remember what it's called, some video ram related setting) from 64 to 128.

That's what it's been doing from the start and nothing that I've done has caused the behavior to change. At a stand still for the most part, tried tons of solutions to the plus signs and nothing. This is dammnnn frustrating so hopefully someone has the secret ingredient. Sorry about everything being smushed togethe, reddit isn't preserving my formatting.

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