Yet another AMD Hackintosh kernel panic


i get kernel panic every time i try to install MacOS mojave 10.14.1 on my Hackintosh.

My Specs:

Motherboard: MSI x470 Plus

Graphics: AMD Rx580

Processor: Ryzen 2600x

SSD: Samsung 970 Pro

RAM: 2x Corsair DIMM DDR4 8GB 3200

I can boot the PC into the Bios settings normally and i set them to Default and enabled/disabled everything i should change. Looked it up on

I created my Boot USB with an Installationstick-Creation-Tool from a German Hackintosh Website. Its a modified Bootstick creator for AMD Hackintosh based on Clover Bootloader:ützliche-tools-sierra-el-capitan-installationsstick-oder-image-erzeugen/?pageNo=1

Every time i try to install Mac os on my PC i get a Kernel panic and the installation stops.

I can't see in the Kernel Panic screen (the picture attached to the post) which Kernel is causing the problem.

Here is my Efi Folder:

I used UniBeast 9.0.0 and Clover Version 4844.

What could i change or try to change?


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