Vega 64 not utilized fully

Hi there,

I'm happily running my hackintosh (10.14.2) with a Vega 64. However, it looks like my vega 64 isn't used properly. In benchmarks it scores about half the score it gets in comparable systems and applications like After Effects and Premiere Pro seem to struggle more than it should. Also, when I have Activity Monitor open while for example scrubbing trough an After Effects project (which should be GPU-accelerated) the GPU history window shows only about 5% usuage. About the same usuage as normal webbrowsing triggers.

I'm using the latest lilu and whatevergreen. I also use a kext to fix the fan speed issue of the Vega 64 under macOS, but this kext is properly configured for the proper clocks of the Vega 64.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue, or knows what could be at play here?

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