How do you guys handle accessing Windows files on OSX and vice versa

Hi, i remember in my first hackintosh with mavericks i think i used an app/extension that let me read and write all my ntfs drivers with no problem. After installing it, it worked out of the box. All drivers were mounted as if they had mac format.

Now i tried a couple of ways and i couldn't get a seamless experience. The best one i tried so far is Paragon for Mac for after a couple of days disk were mounted as read only and cannot fix it.

And for Windows, i use HFSExplorer, and in my last experience it also worked very well. Opened the program and my mac disk was detected automatically. Now i have to go to File > Open from path -> and i have to manually type Disk0Partition2 every time i want to mount it.

Any recomendations?

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