every single person on this entire web has said that 'hackintosh' is not easy to install, looking for evidence and links that this is not accurate

ppl all over on every single site on this entire web recommend to do two things:

  1. get macos, doesnt cost that much more than w10 and worth the 'extra cost'
  2. macos sux, i like w10, dont get macos
  3. go linux cos both macos, w10, chromeos sux
  4. go mobile os cos all desktop os sux
  5. w10 best cos gamer

that's much what ppl say

"reasonably easy to install macOS on it"

this https://appleinsider.com/articles/18/05/11/apples-mac-mini-now-inexcusably-getting-trounced-by-cheap-intel-hardware

says this "reasonably easy to install macOS on it"

is taht accurate? need a link that shows all the steps so i can if it's easy or not

many of the very few questions here are still unasnwered

on https://www.businessinsider.com/what-is-a-hackintosh-apple-2018-8

it says that making a hackmacos is basically not worthwile

from memory, ppl that knew alot have always said that making hackmacos on w10 was

  1. buggy
  2. & filled with problems

i dunno what's the current status tho. what's the best link currently that shows how many steps it takes?

much more importantly is which os is better

so i summed up these two links:

(note: after looking through these, i realised these links had extremely low quality info, but i guess shouldn't be surprised since it's coming from this site, but sometimes bizinsider has info on things that isnt anywhere else, so eh)

i dunno if there are any better sites on the topic of macos & w10

have no idea if this is accurate

macos is 'simpler to use,'

  • has there been any tests of 20-50 common things that ppl do
  • and how many steps each os takes to do those things?

w10 is 'more customizable', more settings to tweak in M operating system than you will with Apple's macOS

  • are teh number of settings options in w10 much more than macos?
  • what's teh total count for each macos w10?

Apple ecosystem is better than goolge ecosystem.

  • i've no idea if this is accurate, and what evidence / examples shows that this is accurate


New versions of macOS are always free.

  • so is w10

can run w10 on Macs

  • and also the reverse

have best trackpads.

  • are there studies show trackpads are better than other methods than mouse? havent seen any


  • majority of ppl dont cares about ports

Macs with some great software for free.

  • w10 also has free great software. what software on macos is far better than a w10 option? i haven't seen any so far

w10 has a larger pc selection

  • you only need one best option, not many

w10 pcs cost less

  • good info has both gains & costs, this is only about costs so is irrelevant info

specs udpate frequency in w10 pcs more than in mac

  • you only need one best option, not many

inaccurate info

macs easier to buy

  • seems just as hard as pcs, mac has so many configs and options it's all confusing

more non-reasons

w10 pcs are much more upgrabable / replacable

  • doesnt matter you can just buy a another mac

non-new info that everyone already knows

  • w10 supports some like games better

note: these 2 links were not so much about macos & win10, but more about macs and pcs, but some of the things were applicable to the os themselves

and again it shows that this site has extremely low quality info, so do you know of much much better sites on the topic? (or any topics in general?)

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