I'm still on Sierra and using Multibeast. I would like to update to HS and go Vanilla. Where do I start? Any help would be appreciated!

Hello, I had my build since June 2017 and have not updated ever since. Since I have a 1050TI, Mojave is a no go for me. However, I would like to at least update to High Sierra. In addition, I'm having a couple of quirks with the system, which I hope going Vanilla would help. For instance: waking up from sleep can sometimes take a minute or two. I would also like HDMI audio to be functional, which currently isn't.

Please note I'm also dual booting to Windows using Clover. I have not read up on setting up hackintosh since the day I completed the build, so I'm not sure what changed since then. Any help with this would be appreciated!

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