iATKOS L2 10.7.2 #iATKOS

Help!!! Please!!!

Hello fellow hackintosh users. I recently installed iATKOS L2 on my HP G72 262-NR laptop and having difficulty booting up the OS. When I boot up everytime all it does is it shows the gray Apple logo and the spinning gray weal and never takes me to the actual create account. Also eventually after a while just having it sit there on the Apple logo I do hear the music for the intro but am still stuck on the logo screen. I've tried booting with -v, -x, cpus=1 -v and cpus1=1 -x -v.

btw do I have to always keep using cpus=1 everytime I boot cause if I don't use it I get the power off/message at the apple logo.


HP G72 262-NR laptop

Intel Corei3 350m 2.27ghz


Intel HD Graphics

BIOS has very very limited options sadly no advance options